The 4 A.M. Warfare Chronicles

Woe to the world, the snippets have come! Let all receive more than their shaaaare! And everyone groans as Madi me-forms, instead of informing, instead of informing, insteeeaaaad of informing! Who else is still singing Christmas carols? Christmas carol parodies? Anybody? January 8, 2018 The two guards clang their sake [...]

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The Storm Inside: Interview with Julia Herkel

“I can control storms,” Amanda answered flatly, sliding off of the table.  The second advisor wrinkled his nose. “What are you going to do, then? Drizzle on the criminal?”  And that's only a part of the awesomeness found inside Julia Herkel's newest book, The Storm Inside. I was lucky enough to be able to [...]

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Hey! Happy New Year! You might know me from my two other blogs, Delightful World of Dolls and Madi Grace, but I'm Madi: professional blogger, minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and writer. My full bio page is here. After making some clarity changes to my lifestyle blog Madi Grace, [...]

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