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  1. Diamond January 22, 2018 at 2:29 pm - Reply

    Hey Madi! So I recently experienced a burst of inspiration(hence my comeback to the blogging world,) and I had a couple novel ideas! I’m working on plotting so to speak. (I’m not too big on plotting, but I don’t want to start with no plot. Can you give me any tips on plotting? Like, is there anything I absolutely need to do plot wise before I begin? Again, I’m not very big on plotting. I don’t plan on going all out like you did(great work btw,) jsyk. If you want to know my book ideas, the first one is based off characters from my short stories. Without going into too much detail, basically they get a reality show and the little girl discovers that the producer is purposefully trying to make their life hard. The second is just where kids are given the power to control their parents. I haven’t given that one much thought, I might use that as my NaNoWriMo attempt. (I’d like to attempt it at least once?)
    Anyway, so I might begin the first one soon. I’m on such a story high right now. (I like that use of words. Good job me!) I actually wrote a few pages about the story already. I just had the idea last night! Wow, sorry for such a long comment. I guess I just want to talk about my novel idea. (Hey look, I just had a novel idea for a novel! Pardon the pun?)

    • Madison Grace January 24, 2018 at 6:48 pm - Reply

      Ooh, your novels sound awesome! And you should totally attempt NaNoWriMo! It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, since I’ve only done the Camps.

      As for plotting and outlining, that can be as intensive or as relaxed as you want it to be. I recommend, of course, learning everything you can and doing everything you can for the best novel you can make, but if you want to get by with as little as possible before you begin writing, I would at least make absolutely sure:

      • You have a protagonist. The good guy, the hero. This is usually the main character.
      • You have an antagonist. ZE BAD GUY. XD This can be a person or a force, like weather. Usually a person.
      • The protagonist and antagonist are in conflict with each other, and the protagonist’s reactions and actions to the conflict drive the story.
      • There’s a climax a scene or two away from the end where the protagonist and antagonist resolve their conflict — this is usually done by fighting.
      • You don’t have to plot out each scene beforehand (I recommend it tho! XD), but make sure each scene matters to the plot and builds up, even a little bit like by foreshadowing, to the climax.

      Those are the very very basics, but to make SURE you have a solid plot, I’d 100% recommend reading this series all about story structure!

      I hope that helps and it’s not too much! XD Best of luck with your awesome stories!

      • Diamond January 24, 2018 at 7:32 pm - Reply

        Thanks for all of your amazing tips! I think I’ve got most everything, maybe just figure out more of my antagonists personality.(She acts nice, but she has secret plots and such.) Character development(minus the evil tv producer,) I’d say is pretty strong. I wrote over 75 short stories about the same characters, sooooo i’d Say that’s pretty solid. I’m a pantser, but I think I have enough. I might start writing as early as the third! I want to see how much I can write in a month to see if I should do Nano. Thanks for the tips, I’ll check out that site. It’s the perfect amount-don’t worry.
        ❤️ Diamond @

        • Madison Grace January 27, 2018 at 2:46 am - Reply

          You’re most welcome! I hope that all made sense! ? Ooh, you sound good to go for me! I did that once, too — in March of 2017, I shot for 50k to see if I could do a NaNo, and I could! 10/10 recommend doing that.

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